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Used PBX Telephones
Voice Mail and PBX Systems

Used Voice Mail and PBX Systems

Panasonic KX-TVP150 VPS
Panasonic KX-TVP150 Voice Processing System has message waiting notification, message scanning and transfer, group delivery, guest announctments personal bulletin board, automated attendant and many other features. Comes with 1-CO Card, 1-Digital Signal Processor Card and 1-CPU Card.

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Panasonic KX-TA624-2 Phone System
The Panasonic KXTA624-2 Advanced Hybrid System is a modular system with a base configuration for 3 incoming lines and 8 stations. It can easily expand to accommodate up to 6 incoming lines and 24 stations.

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Norstar 616 DR5-DS (NT5B01FD-93)
Norstar 616 KSU DR5-DS (NT5B01FD-93) is a model that is still very popular. This KSU has disconnect supervision capabilties. It comes preconfigured 6 lines by 16 stations. (Non Expandable). DS unit is recommended if adding voice mail. Emergency Teledapt Port. Internal Power Supply.

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Nortel Norstar Startalk B Voicemail (NT8B70)
Nortel Norstar Startalk B Voicemail (NT8B70). The Model B's hard drive provides 165 or 330 minutes of storage and can support up to 50 users. It has 2 ports and is not expandable. Model B has two RJ11 connectors and no floppy drive.

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