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PBX Telephones Sets
Voice Mail and PBX Systems

Used PBX Telephones

AT&T Partner MLS-34D (Black)
The Partner MLS-34D has 32 programmable buttons with dual LEDs for line or feature appearances, 2 line x 16 character display.

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Panasonic DBS 16 Button (VB-44210-G)
Panasonic VB-44210 is a 16 button telephone which provides 6 flexible feature/line keys (dual colored LED) and 10 personal speed dial keys.

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Panasonic DBS 22 Button No (VB-44220-G)
The Panasonic VB-44220-G 22-button phone provides 12 programmable feature or line keys with dual colored LEDs and 10 speed dial keys.

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Panasonic DBS 22 Button (VB-44223-G)
Panasonic VB44223 is a 22 Button LCD w/Display telephone set. This phone provides 12 flexible feature/trunk keys (dual colored led) and 10 speed dial keys.

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